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We pay some of the best prices for scrap cars in scrap car areas . We also offer a convenient free vehicle removal service. We will visit at a time that suits you and collect your scrap car using either one of our tow trucks or our Hiab truck which can collect up to three scrap cars at a time and you can get paid some money for it

We pay cash for MOT failures, written off cars, commercial scrap vehicles, lorries and motorbikes. All with free collection and disposed of conveniently.

Scrap Car Cash scrap car quote

scrap car quote Scrap Car Prices

The price of scrap fluctuates daily, so when you call one of our scrap car for cash numbers, the quote you receive will be based on whatever the price of scrap is on that day. We monitor the different rates at the authorised treatment facilities up and down the country on a daily basis, so when someone calls and says "I'd like to scrap my car in scrap car quote please!" we can give the the best possible quote available at the time.

Scrap Car Cash scrap car quote

Car Scrappage Scheme scrap car quote

The government car scrappage scheme finished in March 2010, however you can still get cash for your scrap car in scrap car quote. We work with a network of scrap car quote salvage yards that want to pay you cash for your old vehicle. Call now if you would like your car removed and you'd like to get some money. We will deal with all of the relevant DVLA paperwork on your behalf and issue you with a certificate of scrap.  

Can I still get paid in cash?

There was a change in the law in scrap car quote and across the country in December 2012 which meant that when taking scrap metal or cars to an ATF (authorised treatment facility) you now need to produce photographic ID and be paid into a bank account. This was to stop the increased number of scrap metal thefts from railways, memorials, church roofs etc. We take this burden away from you as we deal with the ATF directly and our scrap car collection agent actually takes the vehicle to the ATF and they get paid into a bank account. So the answer is yes; you can get paid for your scrap car in cash today!!!